TheThe act of praise and worship in stormy times.

What is True worship?

True worship is act of giving due honour with extravagant love in total submission. It is the worship that depicts the value we placed on our maker and how important he is in the list of our priorities. It is an act that comes deep down from the heart and is expressed in a lifestyle of holiness. It is different from the worship which is expressed in acknowledgment of what God has done,can do or will do for us.

Most times when we are faced with unpleasant and difficult situations, the last thing to think of will be to Praise but honestly  the best way out of it could just be to praise! Praise! Praise!!! and not even Prayer.
When we praise God in difficult times,he comes down and changes things drastically more than praising him when we are happy, for the healing,addition,promotions,deliverance etc.which only means a show of gratitude for what he has done for us ….of course its normal to do so. But praising God when its not convenient shows that we are loyal to  him and that he is the most important in our lives who is bigger than our problems and that we trust him enough to take charge of the ugly story and sure,he never let’s us down and significant things happen bringing change and unforgettable moments. Two major changes that we experience are…

1* We are changed the moment we let ourselves go in praise,as we no longer focus on the problems at hand but on God and his awesomeness.
2* It  enables us to make ourselves available to hear God’s  voice. When we  enter into respectful, heartfelt praise and worship,we loose ourselves and nothing mattes again but God and in such state,anything can happen in God’s presence and we can hear him.
 God delights to manifest His presence and power to people who are truly praising and worshipping Him. And when His presence and power come, we hear His voice, we see miracles, people are healed, lives are changed, and transformation takes place from the inside out.
 When you talk to Him and listen for His voice, we are praying primarily because we want some kind of change or transformation in some area of our lives right? And these may come in different ways….for instance……If you are asking Him to provide a new job, praying for a loved one to come to know the Lord, asking God to reveal Himself more to you and to help you grow in spiritual maturity, praying for the teenager who lives down the street to stop using drugs, those are changes or even  if  you are asking God to help you not lose your temper so easily, that’s change.
Whatever you are praying for, one of the best ways to start is with praise and worship because they will keep your heart right before God and make a way for you to hear His voice and for changes to take place.
When we praise and worship,God is always moved to do great things for us even when w did not ask.

So will you praise and worship more this year?
Have you experienced any instant miracle during any praise and worship session before either your personal quite time or Congregational ?.
Kindly share your your experiences in the comments. 


Steps to help you Stay Focused.

Its about the time of the year when many people seem to be jittery,agitated,heartbroken or even disappointed at themselves for having not been able to crush their goals or meet up with their so called ” new year’s resolution”. The problem here  isn’t about not crushing the goals but the inabiity to concentrate and bring the goals to fruition which is basically attributed to lack of  focus.
Yes we are surrounded by a whole lot of stuff to make us shift our focus from ur original plans,goals and vision you may say?  But it is in our power to remain focused and pursue our dream. We should not allow some distractions or seemingly negative thoughts which tend to demoralize and demotivate us shift our focus….. these coud be past mistakes,failures, hurts,…..feeling of inadequacy or even spending more time where and on what is not necessary.

You cannot meditate on your past and your future at the same time and expect a 💯% success. So, focus on your desired future and the goals you have set out to achieve at all tlmes with utmost attention and determination.
  How To Stay Focused.

1.  Know your Why.

✳Always let your ” Why” the motive or reasons for setting a goal  stand  before you and run with it. 

Never at any point in your journey forget the reason you are where you are,doing what you are doing or what you want to become which is your ‘ Big Why’ When you constantly remind  yourself of the reasons why you are on a project,that will definitely keep you going.

✳Think of the the personality you want to build..

 ✳The values and impact you want to make.

  ✳The  benefits of your actions if you quit or loose focus…sure knowing the advantages of achieving your goals keeps you motivated likewise ,knowing the disadvantages of not staying focused.

2.   Have your goals written out.   

It is good to speak/or talk about your goals but it is more better to have them written out clearly. This will guide you and help you you know exactly what to do.

3.  Have a System or Action Plans.

Try to build systems that will help you achieve your goalsj. Make your action plans that you must be committed to help you achieve them in good time.

4. Break the Goals into Actionable Bits.

Do not jump into tacking the big goal all at once because that will e overwhelming,tiring, discouraging ad which will eventually make you give up on the task. But wen you break them into bits ,with the action plans beside it,it will e easier to handle.

5.  Limit Your Goals Per Time

Do not work on too many goals at a time. It is better to work with two or three goals per time for effectiveness and accountability.Trying to multitask will acully slow and weigh you down.

6.   Stay Motivated

Always find a reason to grind and pursue your goals,never allow your inspiration or motivation fizzle out because this will definitely kill your morale and the desire to achieve your goals too. I usually draw strength from remiding my self of the advantages of the goals I have set. Reward yourself when a goal is accomplished.

7.    Envision your Result.

Create a vision board of your goals or dreams either physical or vitual which will always remind you of what you want to achieve. Having a clear mental picture of where you are going makes the journey a whole lot  more easier and enjoying than when you are just not sure of what yo are doing.

  8.   Let your Goals Be Yours.

Never make the mistake of trying to achieve someone‘s goals. For you to work and achieve your purpose effortlessly, the dream and purpose must be yours and borne out of your passion to be what you want to be. It will be disastrous to try to please others or fulfil  their dreams because you want to be accepted and please them. This will not keep you motivated and you will sure loose focus.

9.   Accountability

Being accountable is a sure way to keep you going and helps you stay focused on your goals. This could be done by having accountability partners or group of like minded persons who will constantly remind you of your goals 
Have you ever struggled to win  in the past but failed?
Time to refocus and try again giving it your best shot is now.

10.   Shun all forms of distractions.

Identify what distract you from achieving your set goals ad ry to eliminate them as much a possible

: Always place the huge advantages of your actions and the dangers of not  taking actions before you….. Never feel tht you have done enough irrespective of how may goals you have crushed.

When you achieve one goal,try to set another with a higher standard,this sure  will always keep you FOCUSED.
The bible even also has something to say about this!

“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize  the high calling of God in Christ Jesus,” (Philippians 3:13-14).



Never Again!

For some time now my life has been very busy and disorganized. I have been involved in so many stuff that has left me no time to adequately take care of myself as I should.

Most times I worry that I may break down but had to tell myself that all is well.

Recently, I just started experiencing some pains and feelings that are not usual. Then I knew its high time I pay a visit to my doctor.

That faithful Tuesday morning,after the morning chores and having taken the children to school, I came home to prepare to go visit my doctor who I had called earlier to book an appointment… hoping and believing that all would be fine.

So as I walked into my doctor’s office,I was kind of anxious and worried about what the outcome of  the visit will be. I stopped halfway into his office,closed my eyes and muttered some prayers and very hopeful that my lingering hope of positivity and my faith will carry me through.

So when the doctor did all the checks and recommended some tests that I should run,…as I was about to stand up to leave,I lost all consciousness and was at the verge of passing out… but I just held on to that  lingering hope that I shall not faint!… Yes NEVER AGAIN!

Few years back when I was pregnant with my third baby,I was rushed to the hospital at about few days to my expected day of delivery because I started bleeding profusely. At the prenatal ward,before the doctors could attend to me,I fainted and never knew what happened again until I woke up with the pains of a C- section and the news of loosing my baby to  placenta abruptio!.. That was a sad moment for me which I prayed never ever to experience.

So this time around and in this case, i was so  determined to fight and be strong.

Faint is for the weak. In life’s  journey, we are to be strong and resolute in what we do. We can actually determine what happens to us. You can decide to choose what you want in life… Health wise, in your relationship, your business, your career, and other aspects.

Never back down on any vital decision you have made irrespective of what the situation may be. Your faith and resolute hope to win will sure give you victory.


It was a painful period for me that I wished never to experience again. So I made a resolve not to ever faint but to be strong and fight.

Have you ever had a similar experience where you went through a sad situation?

Have you ever fainted before? What was the reason behind it.

Your comments will be highly appreciated.


Self Reinvention

Have you ever found yourself lost interest or the will power to carry on a certain job or task?

There are times in life’s journey when it seems like nothing is working,or you seemed stucked not on knowing what to do next and all theories seemed to have failed…and the next thought on your mind will be to quit!
Take a break and think of reinventing yourself.
Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself and set yourself on the right track to fulfill your purpose?
When you feel you are getting lost in something you are no more interested, take a break!.  It is not about starting everything from the beginning you know,but trying out some new stuff in a  different way from your usual way and start something new and interesting.

Here are the tricks that will help you in reinventing yourself.


Clear the mess and have a clear vision of who you want to become.
Past is past. The things which are over are not in need of youron anymore. Leave them aside forever and concentrate on the present and future. Create a vision of your new self and affirm positively to it. Separate your forms you from the person you want to become.

Setting new, clear and smart goals for yourself will give you an opportunity to explore new things and to discover more hidden treasures that will make you better.

Human beings learn a lot when they explore.

Allow yourself the opportunity to explore new horizon. You need to go through many things which you might never have seen or done before. Get  set and go towards your goal.

Sharing your ideas with people who have crossed the path will give you confidence. You will know the ease and difficulties involved in going through that same process. You will also learn new ways of doing things.
There is nothing fixed in  life. Changes must always be welcomed so, when you don’t like something, don’t stick on to that. Leave it  and make a change. Saying no to yourself is alright  and it gives you that positive energy to have a fresh start.

I hope these helps.

Let me know your thoughts, struggles and wins in self reinvention.

Go Nutty… Stay healthier!

Go Nutty… stay younger and be healthy.

Believe it or not, the first created human beings who inhabited this planet, Adam and Eve, already had nuts in their diet. In Genesis, huh you said? Okay, check it out.

God provided them fruits that bear seeds that we now know as nuts. After thousands of years, we now understand why God never failed to create this fruit and seed in one. And a handful of it a day would never let you go wrong.

Do you know that nuts like these


Almonds, macadamia, pistachio nuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts are not just for the appetite, they also are great sources of a number of health benefits.

Walnuts for instance has been found to aid heart related problems… High blood pressure and other heart related ailments.

The studies of the Seventh Day Adventists during the 1990s first elevated the status of nuts to its consumers. The study of this religious group in Loma Linda, California indicated that those who eat nuts live two and a half years more than those who do not.
   Fruits and Vegetables


These are another category of natural sources of Vitamins and minerals which we need to feed our bodies with on daily basis.

There are varieties of fruits which are seasonal and staple too and it has been researched that the best time to consume them are before meals on an empty stomach.

Are you inspired to go fruity and nutty?

Share our views in the comments.


Amy- Inspire.

What Does “Looking Good” Mean To You?

I will like to share with us my 1 kobo thoughts on looking good and good grooming.

We all have our our challenges in regards to fashion  and beauty stuff.

Believe me no one knows it all but there are certain basic rules and tips that women should know.

Be it makeup, skincare and and facials, fashion and Dressing.

Today I will limit my post to fashion and dressing in regards to looking good as as women.

Let me first ask us these questions.

☀ What does looking good and good grooming mean to you?

☀ How do you cherish your personal appearance ?

☀What is the motive behind your look or appearance?

☀ Do out know yur body shape?

☀ Do you you have  personal appearance goal?

“Appearance goal” you may ask, huh?

Yes a woman should know her “WHY” she wants to be seen or perceived in a particular way,look, or attire.

So many people dress up for the wrong reasons,..

Like, following trends without considering how such outfit or look will be on them.

Many dress to please others or to prove they can also afford such outfit or products.

Some see fashion and trends as competition.. Let me see who will mach me up,I can show them that I can afford it.

Some also dress down to cover up their age….please it is good to dress age appropriately.
Be it western, traditional or costumes.

There should be a motive behind your looks.
✳ Remember the way we dress is the way we will be addressed.
Our looks and dressing send out messages and speak volumes.
According to  a Chinese proverb,,it has been said that three-tenths of good looks are due to nature,while seven – tenths are as a result of dressing.
Be it true or false,I strongly believe that dressing  yes,has a lot to say about one’s appearance and looks.
Though looking good may mean different things to different people.

We are in a society where many people think that looking good and captivating appearance is dependent on how expensive ones outfit or appearance is. They feel that wearing costly designer’s pieces,gold wristwatches,Gucci shoes and bags is it.
Really our personal appearance and looking good goes beyond the genes and jeans.
Note these points.

🌼 It involves creativity… knowing the right stuff to put on at the right occasion, the combination, cuts, colours that fits the body type. One does not necessarily have to break the bank to look good. Also knowing the right accessories to go down on a particular outfit is important…. and help you create a waooh look .

🌼 Self confidence and being content with  ones looks its a key factor to a charming appearance. I am a strong believer of keeping it simple,affordable and yet classy and unique,hence my body pieces and accessories depict this. So for a wholesome appearance,a well groomed,poised and dressed person expressing a well poised character always keeps heads turning.

🌼 In dressing for the right pieces not just for the expensiveness of it matters…hence some products meet this need,giving one the opportunity to look good,classy and unique on a low budget.
For instance,having a multi coloured tummy belt over a dark coloured dress or on a pant trouser will go a long way to save you a whole lot of stress in looking for matching shoes and bag because its already has varieties of popping colours which will go with any colour available to give you that waaaoh look.

🌼 Knowing your body type,shape, skin colour and what complements you  is  a good way to go too. Do not wear a look or an outfit because you can afford it or because it is trending. Dress to suit your body type.

🌼 Accessories should be simple and appropriate. Do not go overboard and wear too many metals at once.

Avoid too many and too heavy accessories.. Know the right piece to go with a certain look or outfit…

There are specific neck pieces for different neck cuts or lines.

Do not wear the same colour of accessories all through rather use complementary colours to pop up your look.

Wear heavy chokers with a simple studs earrings.